“Stay motivated, and trust your therapist.”


These are the words that Frank Widhalm shared when asked what helped him get through a trying situation in his life.


On Aug. 29, 2014, Widhalm was mowing lawns and was bitten by a mosquito. Two days later, he fell and was sent to McKee Medical Center. He spent five days at McKee while doctors and staff tried to determine why he had no feeling in his feet and legs.


Upon discharge from the hospital, Widhalm was sent to a skilled nursing facility in his hometown, where he only spent a few days and showed no signs of improving. He was then transferred to Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital, where he spent 21 days.


Still without a sense of feeling in his legs, Widhalm finally received a diagnosis of West Nile virus. It was then that NCRH, Widhalm and his family all felt he should be transferred to another skilled nursing facility before returning home.


On Oct. 6, 2014, Widhalm began his journey at Life Care Center of Greeley. No matter what he was going through, he always had a positive attitude and made sure he had a smile on his face. He was determined, and he made sure he had the staff smiling too.


“I set small goals with my therapists and celebrated them,” Widhalm said. “It’s very important to set goals. Otherwise, you could easily want to give up on those bad days.”


Widhalm feels he received wonderful therapy at Life Care Center of Greeley and can’t say enough good things about each therapist he worked with. They brought new talents with them every time they saw him for treatment.


“Each and every one here at Life Care really cared about me,” Widhalm said. “There wasn’t a department that didn’t. All the associates and leadership here truly care about their patients.”


Widhalm is now living independently again in his home in Berthoud and goes to the Athletic Club two times a week for the exercise program there.


“Never take anything for granted,” Widhalm advised. “Be positive, do the best you can and trust your therapist.”